The Pumice educational project is an addition to school lessons, with which primary and secondary school students learn about learning material using artificial intelligence approaches.

The founders of Pumice humorously chose the project’s name from the individual letters of the phrase in slovenian: “Pouk s ščepcem umetne inteligence” which means “Teaching with a pinch of artificial intelligence”.

Since the project aimed at young people, we decided that the look of their logo will be playful. It was a big challenge to combine puma animal, school, and artificial intelligence into a logo. What do cougars have in common with artificial intelligence?! I imagined a puma schoolgirl who is curious and loves to learn about data analysis. I transformed this character into a logo - simplified the character and designed the Pumice text.

Web page: https://pumice.si/en/


Po veliko skiciranja se je počasi izoblikovala ideja. pumice

Nastal je karakter pumice - pametna, zvedava in navihana šolarka. pumice

Majica. pumice