Star Reach

Logotype design for slovenian microbrewery.

Light Catchers - A personal project

Paper and textile art pieces.

Orange - Data Mining Fruitful and Fun

Refreshed visual identity for data mining program.


Visual identity for data mining program.

Single Cell Orange

Visual identity for data mining program.

Deygonna See

Logo design.

Personal projects

Sketches, doodles and illustrations.

Beep Magazine

Cover illustration.

Illustrated Book Mouse Kiki

Illustrations for children’s tactile book. The book was made as a school project in collaboration with Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering and Aksinja Kermauner (author of the book).

City Museum of Ljubljana

Illustrations for a workshop for children.


Illustrations and animation for the web page.

Orange T-shirts

Illustrations, T-shirt design.

Shiatsu Anja Furlan

Logo design, brochure.

Wlan Slovenia

Illustrations for a brochure.

A school project

Logotype and typography for 10th aniversary of Goethe Institut.

Aging books - a school project

Textile and fashion design.